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ALP Charity Day on 23 September 2017, Let do good.
ALP group: Intergoods Co.Ltd., Chemical Plus Co.,Ltd., and ALP Visrock Co.,Ltd., by Mr. Thavatchai - Mrs. Wanna Tantipoj, Mr. Suchet – Mrs. Siriporn Lertviriyasawat, their family, our customer, employee, supplier and friends organize a Robe-offering Ceremony (Tod-Pah Bah) at King Bhumiphol Meditation Center, Rama IX Golden Jubilee Temple. The ceremony accepted by Phrarajyanakawee (Suwit Piyawitchayo), the president monk.
ALP Vetiver Grass Grown at 7-Sao Noi Waterfall National Park
Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat, Managing Director, leaded the managementteam and employees of ALP group planted the grass at waterfall National Park, Saraburi on Sebtember 1, 2012 for the restoration and conservation of forests. this charity was a company celebration for 27 - year anniversary.
ALP Group Donate Over 80,000 Baht to Help Victims of tsunami in Japan
Due to the earthquake 9 magnitude off the coast of northeastern in Japan on 11 March, many cities in the East of Japan has been severely damaged such as  Miyagi, Iwate, Fukuchima and Ibaraki. The household loss their homes, public buildings and killed more than 20,000 people from this disaster.
ALP Provides Financial Support for the development of Children Foundation at Ban Thantawan.
On Saturday 21 November 2010 the executive team and employees of ALP group donated money, food, items, toys, clothes, books, clothes dryers and facilities. In order to help the orphans at Ban Thantawan to improve and developed the well being of children. Ban Thantawan where is orphanage home located on Phuttamonton 2. The company was aware of the importance of this point so it conducted the foundation funds for children
ALP Offers Financial Aid to Employees and Flood Victims in the South of Thailand.
Mr. Suhet Lertviriyasawat, Managing Director of ALP Group has very good persistence to contribute money to employees and citizens who have suffered from the floods in
Government and Private Plant the Mangrove Forest to Solve the Climate Crisis.
Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat, Managing Director, lead the management team and employees of ALP group planted the mangrove in honor of His Majesty the King with the junior high school
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