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ALP Sport Day 2018
...... The objective of our Sport Day Activity is to support our company core value on Inspiration to create culture to excellence. The important function of our organization is good relation with happier working between sub-business control units and healthy employee.
...... ALP Group organized the special event “ALP Movie Happy Night” at Embassy Diplomat Screen, the first class cinema in Thailand. Our customer were invited to watch the movie “Ant man and the wasp” and ALP broad of director Mr. Suchet, Mrs. Siriporn Ms. Suwaporn Lertviriyasawat and our sale representative were comes to meet and take care of all customer.
Kick Off 2018
......  ALP Kick Off, annual seminar 2018 at Dusit Princess Srinakharint Hotel, Bangkok on 10 February 2018. The seminar report of 2017 turnover business growth and ALP 2018 policy by CEO: Suchet Lertviriyasawat.
ALP Night Light Party 2017
......  Staff New Year party of Night Light Party Theme, the night of happiness at Alaxsander Hotel Ramkhamhaeng on December 22, 2017.
ALP Annual Activity 2017
......  ALP group support our staffs to traveling on 20-23 October 2017 at southern of Thailand.
ALP Sport Day 2017
......  This enjoyable event had provided on Saturday 19th August 2017.
......  Both team battled it out through various fun sports to become the Sports Day Champions. However both team got their award and enjoy their event together because we all are ALP.
ALP co-hosts merit-making ceremonies dedicated to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej
........On 28 May 2017, Broad of Directors and staffs of ALP Group companies recently co-hosted religious ceremonies of monks delivering special prayers dedicated to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej to express gratitude towards the beloved monarch and perform good deeds in his honor at Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall in the Grand Palace.
Kick Off 2017
........Annual Seminar 2017 (Kick off 2017) of ALP Group arrange on Saturday 18th of February 2017 at Grand Fourwing Hotel, Srinakharin Road. Seminar Theme “ALP SMART to success” 
ALP  Family Day  2016
........For another year to the day of ALP Happy Family, which was held on Saturday,  May 14, 2016 at Golden Beach Hotel, Cha-Am seaside, Phetchaburi.  ALP employees had good time together.  This year, everyone enjoyed the presentation of the organization and stimulated activities of VMVCC. 
Annual CSP in Nakorn Nayok
........Our effective sales team had an activity to reinforce their sales performances in Phu Sak Tarn Resort,  Nakorn Nayok during March 31 – April 2, 2016 as our company policy in strengthen the sales representative.   In this activity,. 
Systematic Thinking
.........ALP Group had conducted an in-house training for developing supervisory skill of new generation employees and supervisors under the topic of Systematic Thinking  to reinforce good perception for new generation team.  The internal training was held at the meeting room,  5th floor of BT Group  on Saturday,  March 5, 2016,  at 9.00-16.00
ALP  KICK  OFF  2016
.........This annual seminar was held on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at Dusit Princess Sri Nakarin  Resort and Hotel,  Srinakarin Road,  Bangkok.  Time had rotated again.  ALP Group had conducted a seminar to announce last year performance,  guide the team for present year clear direction, educate employees, and motivate them to drive results and success.
ALP Happy New Year 2016
........Happy New Year Party of ALP Group and affiliated companies had been conducted on Friday evening,  December 25, 2015 at  Grand Four Wings Hotel, Sri Nakarin Road,  at 17.00-22.00.  It was an fancy party under the theme of THE MOVIES.   The employees  joined and celebrated for new year together.
ALP Sports Day for Good Health 2015
.........ALP Group which was comprised of Intergoods, Chemical Plus,  and Alp Visrock Company had joined together to conduct  ALP Sports Day  on Saturday, October 3, 2015,  at Sport Science Center  in  Sports Authority of Thailand.   ALP Group also had realized about the significance of having good health and  stimulated all employee to pass the physical test and joined the vital games, exercising,
ALP  Family Day  2015
.........ALP Family Day 2015 was held on 16th May, 2015 at Rayong Resort,  Rayong.  It was beautifully located on the finest spot of the calm beach (end of Mae Rumpueng Beach)  ALP employees had a great time together at the resort with lots of fun and activities including training, seminar, and workshops after a well-organized lunch near the sea  shore. 


ALP  Kickoff  2015
..........It’s time for annual kickoff meeting.  ALP Group had conducted a seminar to announce last year performance,  guide the team for present year clear direction, educate employees, and motivate them to drive results and success. The seminar was held on February 7, 2015 at Fourwings Hotel, Srinakarin, Bangkok. 


ALP Happy New Year 2015
Happy New Year Party of ALP Group and affiliated companies had been conducted on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at Mod Daeng Food Resort, Sri Nakarin Road, at 18.00-22.00.  It was an activity in 25-year anniversary celebration campaign.  The employees  joined together for silver jubilee and new year celebration.   In this year,  the dress theme was international party night.
ALP Family  Day  2013
New Year is valuable celebration period to starting good and new things in the life.  ALP Group had carried out the celebration for the affiliated companies at Mod Daeng Restaurant,  Srinakarin  on  December 21,  2012 under the theme of Colorful and Beautiful Party  which the relax condition with special guests and singers.  All employees also enjoyed with luck draw and special rewards from our executives.
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