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Kick Off 2017
..........Broad of Management and every employee of ALP Group participated on Company Annual Seminar 2017 (Kick off 2017) held on February 18th, 2017. The Seminar them is “ALP SMART to success”. Each SBU prepare and present of their project and the working summarize and forwarding project in 2017-2018 relating with our Theme of SMART: the meaning of each character
       -Specific : Be precise about what you are going to achieve.
       -Measurable : Quantify your objectives.
      -Achievable : How active, attempting and enough resources (men, money, machines, materials, minutes) to achieve the objective ?
       -Relevant : Goal must consistent with other long term goals.
      -Timed : State when you will achieve the objective (within a month? By February 2018?)
And ALP Group was announce and awarded of Excellence and Good performance employee of 2017.
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