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About ALP


ALP Group was a leading value-oriented and integrated investment company in Thailand. As being a holding company whose revenues are mainly come from dividend, the company holds stake in many affiliates, joint ventures as well as diversifying its investment in compliance with the company’s policy and business goals.

ALP Group was founded on September 10, 2002  in accordance with the investors’ approval;  Mr. Thavatchai Tuntipoj,  Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat, and others. It was 100% Thai corporation started with small business in 1989 and  expanded its investment to many business and service industries. Each company could be autonomous to manage the operation itself.  ALP and partners had invested in others companies divided into 3 main businesses :-

  • First : Laboratory Equipments, Pharmaceutical, and Mediacl Products,
  • Second : Consumer Products, and
  • Third : Chemical Raw Materials and Specialty Product for Many Industries.

ALP Group is maily involve in Services, Investment in other companies and Consultant.

ALP Group also aims to put more effort to promote pleasant working environment within its organization and insists the sense of responsibility towards society, community, environment and all stakeholders that will lead to sustainable development.   We began the business in providing  professional services for the affiliated companies and growing year by year with our good team which guaranteed by ISO 9001 – 2008 certified by MASCI.  To cope with rapid change, we planned to strive to a national quality organization by follow the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) which has been adapted from Baldrige National Quality Program (Performance Excellence Program) to reinforce the quality service and management for the group.

Business Philosophy
“ Virtue  Quality  Happiness ”
“ คุณธรรม คุณภาพ และ ความสุข ”

Business operation purposed for Adamant, Lastingness, and Prosperous (ALP) was adopted by respectability and impartiality along with excellent quality creation.  Therefore, all manager and employee of ALP Group strictly follow the business philosophy as below :-

  • Virtue  : goodness, respectability, impartiality were a framework in operating business and activities of organization for all parties who related with the group  such as customer, supplier, employees, social, and stakeholder.
  • Quality  : operating business under the excellent quality standard  and strive for continuous improvement and splendid quality all the time.
  • Happiness : realized that all parties related to the group were significant to the organization, therefore,  creating sustainable happiness to everyone might equally consider  about  virtue, quality, and maximum benefit for everyone.

ALP Group aims to elevate the management process to a national quality organization by follow the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) which has been adapted from Baldrige National Quality Program (Performance Excellence Program) under its own management philosophy and policies as below:-

  1. Reach full potential of existing portfolio.
  2. Partner to expand generation portfolio in new markets.
  3. Capture high value along investment.
  4. Strengthen organizational capabilities

The Goal of ALP Group is an adamant, lastingness and prosperous company which persists on virtue and quality in generating good human,  good  management system  to ethically create the splendid quality organization with sustainable growth and happiness to customers,  partners, employees, and social.

  • Splendid Organization : The company has adopted international quality standard  to be recognized and accepted in world-class. The company  realized about balancing between working quality and organization living to create excellent quality service,  product,  and  corporate image 
    ( TQA,  Sufficiency Economy,  Core Values )
  • Sustainable Growth and Happiness  : Ability to maintain growth without creating other significant problems for future generations and generating virtue and happiness to related parties by practicing virtue and social concern.
  • Customer Focus  : All aspects and orientation of a company towards serving the customer's needs.
Vision and Mission

Splendid and Sustainable Growth Organization thru Customer Focus, Virtue, Quality, and Happiness.
To create happy and worthy buying and selling quality products and services.
  1. Offering quality innovative product, service, and new business.
  2. Create and encourage personnel to follow ALPG's value and perticipate in success together.
  3. Continual improvement efficient and innovative system to excellence.
  4. Be responsible to society and environment.
Core Value (2VIS)
Inspiration to create culture to excellence.
  1. Virtue : 5 good things and 12 words are the essentials to be created in our people (Virtue, Ethic, and  Integrity) (V1 = Virtue)
    • 5 Good Things  :  Good People,  Good Working System,  Good Discipline,  Good Knowledge,  and Good Relation
    • 12 Words  : Diligence, Integrity, Frugality, Endurance, Delight, Discipline, Virtue, Kindness, Forgiving, Self-duty, Gratitude, Self-value

  2. Innovation  (I1 = Innovation)
  3. Service Excellence  (S1 = Service Excellence)
  4. Value Added and Achievement Oriented  (V2 = Value Added)
  5. Information Management by Fact  (I2 = Information)
  6. Social Responsibility  (S2 = Social)
Core Competency
Core Competency :-
  • Excellent  Management  and Service System
  • Variety of Quality Product to Suit Customer's Need
  • Financial Stability
  • Good Relationship with Customers
Personal Competency (P-PICSTAR) :-
  1. P  Personal  Mastery
  2. P  Proactive for Change
  3. I   Innovation
  4. C  Customer Focus
  5. S  Systematic Thinking
  6. T  Teamwork and Team Leadership
  7. A  Accountability and Achievement Oriented
  8. R  Relationship Building
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