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Definition :-
Human Resource Development  (HR)  helps support skillful manpower to server all business unit of the organization.   HR also helps promote the organization culture which is a result of the values, belief, attitudes, and  behaviors  shared by the employees.  It also lives in your language, symbols, stories, legends and daily work practices.  Human Resource is recognized as one of the key mechanisms with a vital role in bringing about our company’s success.   ALP Group is fully aware of “the careful recruitment of competent personnel and the successive Human Resource Development”.   In reward for strenuous effort,  the company provides many fringe benefits and the competitive remuneration.   Following its policy, we enable to increase the qualitative personnel for organization effectiveness as well as the satisfaction of employees’ needs.
Vision :-
Be the excellent human resource management service division.
Mission :-
สร้างคนดี เก่ง และ มีความสุข ภายใต้สภาพแวดล้อมการทำงานที่น่าอยู่
Generating good, capable, and happy employee
under lively working environment

  1. Developing human resources working system along to TQA.
  2. Creating and developing the employees to be good and capable people.
  3. Generating good working attitude
  4. To strengthen good co-operation and relation among each employee, each division, each vendor, including outside people.
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